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Ostar commits to respect, at all times, your privacy right and your personal data. It is for this reason that we have taken all necessary measures to keep all the information you provide us safe. You can rely on Ostar making a good use of such information and taking all necessary precautions to keep your information private and safe.

The use Ostar makes regarding your personal data (e-mail address, name, landline or mobile telephone number, age, sex, signature, address, Tax Contribution Number, Public Registration Number), sensitive data (racial or ethnical origin), property and financial data (confidential information regarding credit cards or bank accounts) (hereinafter called “Personal Data”), is based only on the purposes of providing the services you requested from Ostar; notifying you about new services or products related to the ones you have already hired; notifying you about changes of the same; making studies and programs necessaries to identify consumer habits; making regular assessments of our services in order to improve the quality of the same; evaluating quality of the service we provide and, in general, complying with the obligations we acquired with You.


Complying with what is foreseen by the Mexican Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter “The Law”), we inform you the following:

Ostar Hotels and its affiliates, controlled and linked companies (hereinafter “Ostar”), indicating for the purposes of this Privacy Notice its business address is located in Londres 130, Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06600, México, D.F., shall be responsible for the Personal Data provided by the individuals owning such data (hereinafter “The Holder”), to Ostar or to any of the trading companies that are its subsidiaries or affiliated or that are in control.

The handling of the Personal Data of The Holder that have been submitted to the disposal of Ostar, shall be carried out under any form or circumstance in accordance with the herein terms and conditions, therefore from this moment on it is understood that “The Holder” gives his/her consent for such handling. If you do not agree to provide your Personal Data, please leave this web site immediately.
The Holder of the Personal Data ensures these latter are, under no circumstance false and that he/ she shall immediately notify Ostar if the same suffer any change in order to keep the information updated.

The information regarding Personal Data directly collected by Ostar from The Holder with his/her consent shall have the uses included but not limited to the following: a). – identifying you, b). -locating you, c). – communicating and contacting you, d). – sending you information, e). – statistical purposes as well as transferring the information to third parties by any means the Law allows. The use of the Personal Data shall be directly related to the relationship you have with Ostar in your role of consumer.

The time that the Personal Data collected from The Holder will be used, shall depend on the legal relationship with Ostar and on the obligations that the law in force and relevant authorities demand. In all cases, the information shall be kept only for a reasonable time.
The information provided to Ostar shall be dully kept, preserved and protected by means of appropriate technological and physical resources in order to avoid its loss, misuse, unauthorized change and theft. Only people authorized by Ostar such as workers, service providers, or business partners who have adopted the commitment of preserving the data under strict confidential and safety measures, shall have access to it; to do that Ostar employees shall sign a Privacy Policy and the providers have turned in the relevant agreement accepting to preserve the confidentiality of the information.

If the Personal Data should be requested by an authority of any kind, due to a legal process, to reply to any claim or legal action or to protect Ostar, clients or public rights; such Personal Data shall be available within a strict compliance of the Law.

The Holders of the Personal Data shall be entitled to request access, rectification, cancellation or objection to the treatment of their data by means of a written request addressed to the effect of Ostar Hotels to its business address in: Londres 130, Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06600, México, D.F., from 9:30 to 19:00 hours, business days or by means of a request made through our phone number 50800658 or e-mail address after which you should be given an acknowledgement receipt.

Ostar will reply to the requests made by the Holder of the information provided that none of the exceptions of the Law are updated and that the person making the request complies with the paragraphs of article 29 in the Law described below:

I.-II.- Attaching documents proving his/her identity or, if it is the case, the legal representation of the Holder;
III.- A clear and accurate description of the Personal Data over which any of the previously mentioned rights needs to be executed, and
IV.- Any other element or document helping locate the Personal Data, in other words specifying to which company belonging to the Hotel chain, person or area of the company was the information provided.

The Holder shall be notified by any written, phone, electronic, optic, sound, visual or any other mean that now or in the future technology allows, in case his/her sensitive, property or financial Data were transferred to any third party unless such information is transferred to any authority resulting from a request from the Law or for the purposes of complying with the legal relationship held between The Holder and Ostar.

In the event that Ostar demands using your Personal Data for purposes different from what it is agreed or held under the legal relationship held with The Holder, you shall receive a written, phone or electronic notification or you shall be notified by means of any written, phone, electronic, optic, sound, visual or any other mean that now or in the future technology allows and you will be explained what new uses are intended to be given to such information in order to get your approval.

With this Privacy Notice, information Holders are properly informed about the data collected from them and to what purposes and they accept the terms herein that were designed complying with the Mexican Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

Ostar keeps the right to change this policy to adapt it to legal or jurisprudential novelties or to new practices in the industry. In such cases, any changes made shall be announced in this site with reasonable time in advance to those having effect.

Correspondingly, the User accepts that all information added by him/her or that is obtained when he/she accesses will be subject to be collected and kept in a database which is owned by Ostar.

The User agrees that throughout the addition of his/her information to, he/she grants his/her explicit consent referred to by sub paragraph 76 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law to allow Ostar to disclose and transfer such information added to the Database to other suppliers or relevant authorities that demand it.

Likewise, the User grants his/her explicit consent to receive information for marketing or advertisement purposes from Ostar in compliance with the terms detailed in paragraphs 16, 18 and sub paragraph 18 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

Ostar states and The User accepts that Ostar shall not be responsible or shall not execute, under no circumstances, any kind of control over links to other sites, portals and so forth, from third parties not belonging to Ostar that might be in


It is forbidden to use this site for the purpose of committing an act that could be an infraction, crime, defamation or slander against Ostar or uploading files containing viruses.

This Privacy Policy as well as the use of the Law that Ostar makes is ruled by laws in force applicable in The United Mexican States, any controversy arising from its application shall be taken before the Competent Courts in Mexico City.

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